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Customer service
1 Contact
1.1 I have a question (or great suggestion ;)). How can I contact you?

We do everything we can to inform you as clearly as possible at every stage. You can track the status of your order and payment in your personal account. Other frequently asked questions can be found below.


Because we are not always in our office chair, but are busy making your packages, we ask you to contact us preferably by e-mail ([email protected]) or via the form on the left. We will answer your question as soon as possible. If you did not receive an answer within 72 hours, your question may have ended up in our spam-box, or an error may have occurred in the e-mail address provided. In that case, please contact us again!


If you can't sort it out by mail, you can reach us at +32/499.61.69.12 .

2 Brick and mortar shop
2.1 Do you also have a brick and mortar shop?

Yes, we have!

From 15 March 2019 you can visit K-Bas at dubbel:punt in Wuustwezel. You can view and buy our assortment on site.


Bredabaan 480
2990 Wuustwezel

Spacious private parking available.


2.2 What are your opening hours?

Monday: -

Tuesday: - -

Wednesday: 10 - 17h

Thursday: 10 - 17h and 19 - 21h

Friday: 10 - 17h

Saturday: 10 - 13h

Sunday: every first Sunday of the month, from 10 - 16h.

3 Sponsoring
3.1 We organize a sewing weekend / sewing event / ... Do you want to sponsor?

We love the fact that many seamstresses find their way to K-Bas and we love every existing and new customer. We get this question almost weekly in our mailbox and it is impossible for us to sponsor every event. Therefore we have the following policy: If your event has a direct link to sewing bags, please mail us! If there is no clear link, or if your event is much more general in nature, then the answer is unfortunately no.


Alles voor je tas!
De ruimste keuze, online én offline
Snelle verzending
Deskundig advies